People often refer to vegan food as rabbit food, but Veggie Grill's vegan menu is way more delicious and inventive than that. So to give them a modern attitude to match their modern cuisine, we brought in a character that would face the rabbit food stereotype head-on: the modern-day Peter Rabbit. We launched him with this story.

Peter gave Veggie Grill an edgy voice that allowed the company to brag about how amazing their food is without ever talking about themselves. And he fit perfectly in their social channels, inciting conversations, games, and experiences. 




I’m Peter Rabbit. That bunny from that farm. 

That stole some veggies every day til that man tried to take my arm.

I mean I love my greens. And reds. And pinks. But I like spices too.

I wasn’t that mad he chased me out because I wanted to try something new.

So, I escaped and ran off to LA. And the Farmer’s hoe stayed clean.

Sorry. That was just a joke. My humor’s a bit obscene.

But back to the story. You want to know what happened in the city?

I hopped through cars and sand and smog searching for my pretty.

I wasn’t in farmland anymore. I could tell by the lack of plants.

Finding lunch in this crazy town felt like a song and dance.

But then I saw a celebrity. It doesn’t matter who.

The point is she stopped right next to me to pull something off her shoe.

I stopped and stared right past her and saw a place called Veggie Grill.

Yes, I’m literate you judgy human, how else could I rap so ill?

Anyways, being a rabbit, my nose works better than yours.

So, I could smell the concoctions brewing behind those doors.

For sure those were veggies. And I had to get a taste.

I snuck inside and the most amazing smells smacked me in the face.

I ordered one of everything. I was so hungry I could eat a horse

‘s meal, you carnivore. I only eat veggies of course.  

But this is food for everyone. As delicious meals tend to be.

Doesn’t matter if you also like meat or fish or planted trees.

Because these are greens to envy. See what I did there?

They’re crisped.

They’re sauced.

They’re spiced.

They’re grilled. 

They’re the future of veggie fare.

So, sorry Ma. I’m not coming back, I’m staying in LA.

I’ll prance around this city to a new Veggie Grill every day.

And all you social stalkers, you can follow me around.

We can take pics with our food or you can watch me paint the town.

This is a veggie adventure. I’m free and on a quest.

Because I know what nature’s capable of, and these are better than her best.